Inner Structure Company

Content Hierarchy

Content Hierarchy is our text-only outline of the content that will be on your site, including branding, navigation, graphics, and text. We may use example text ("Lorem Ipsum") to mock-up elements that we do not already have content for. This will give you an example of the approximate content and length of each bit of text we will need to complete your project.

Style Prototypes

Style Prototypes are previews of major visual elements of your site. Here we will decide font styles and typography, color choices, button and other interface element styles, as well the style for banners or other graphics. This preview will be used as a base for the look-and-feel of your site.


Wireframing is a process we use to make design the layout of your site. We create rough wireframes, similar to a blueprint or diagram, that will show us where everything goes on each page of your site. Once the Style Prototype and un-styled wireframes are approved we will start combining the visual style we have decided on with the layout.


Graphic Concept #1 – Home page